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DETECH entered coffee production and trading market in 2012. Recognizing undervalued potential of Vietnamese coffee beans in both domestic and international markets, DETECH established DETECH Coffee with the ambition to bring true coffee value experiences to consumers at home and abroad. Built and developed on the model of “From farm to cup” coffee, Detech Coffee maintains control over every stage of coffee processing and production to ensure the quality of green coffee beans for export as well as commercial coffee products.

After over 10 years of operation and development, Detech Coffee is currently in top 5 of "from farm to cup" coffee producers in the Northern region. With a coffee farm and cooperative spanning 15,000 square meters in Chiềng Ban, Mai Sơn, Sơn La – one of the top regions for high-quality Arabica coffee in Vietnam, and a coffee processing plant covering 14,000 square meters in Hưng Yên, DETECH Coffee offers a variety of coffee products, including green coffee beans for export, ground coffee, instant coffee, paper drip coffee, and is currently partners with many multinational coffee brands in Vietnam. 

In 2020, Konnai brand was established as the next step on the "from farm to cup" journey. Konnai includes a chain of technology coffee shops targeting younger generation with core products made from Sơn La Arabica coffee beans. The brand aims to build a connected community and spread the love for coffee from the land of Sơn La to farmers, customers, and consumers, while asserting the quality and position of Vietnamese coffee beans in both domestic and international markets.

With a deep sense of social responsibility, in 2019 DETECH Coffee co-founded Vietnam Women in Coffee Alliance (IWCA Vietnam), a member of the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA Global). IWCA Vietnam was established with the goal of collectively improving the livelihoods of disadvantaged groups in coffee industry in Vietnam, especially of ethnic minority women. In various coffee-producing regions, the company has implemented agricultural technique training and provided market support for coffee products to ensure consistent quality, helping farmers stabilize their income. The company is committed to reinvesting its profits in expanding activities to enhance coffee farmers’ quality of life.

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