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DETECH entered motorcycle trading market in the early 1990s, and began assembling motorcycles in CKD format – locally assembled motorcycles with 100% imported components since 1993. Gradually expanding its market share thanks to good product quality and experience in motorcycle assembly, DETECH ventured into the production, assembly, and distribution of motorcycle parts, electric motorcycles, and electric bicycles; as well as manufacturing and exporting mechanical goods since 1998. 

DETECH Motor Company was officially established in 1999, formerly being DETECH Motorcycle Spare Parts Factory. DETECH Motor is one of the markets pioneers in "Made In Vietnam" electric bikes production. 

Over nearly 25 years of formation and development, DETECH Motor has continuously innovated and improved to introduce a diverse range of motorcycles and electric bikes, excelling in quality, unique in design, and offered at prices suitable for a wide range of consumers. Currently, DETECH Motor has a distribution network comprising more than 500 authorized dealers across all 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam. The ESPERO brand of the company is now one of the preferred and trusted motorcycle and electric bicycle brands among young consumers. As one of the leading motorcycle and electric bike manufacturers in Vietnam, DETECH Motor aspires to produce models that cater to the needs and preferences of consumers in Vietnam and expand further into the Asian market.

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