Continuously researched and improved to upgrade from quality to product packaging, Colomi colostrum was officially launched in June 2022.

Colomi is a colostrum product researched and developed by DETECH Group. Present in the Vietnamese market for over 15 years, Colomi colostrum has been chosen by millions of Vietnamese families, including many famous people, such as the Hoang Bach family... Colomi colostrum is available in Vietnam. Many mother and baby systems, stores, and pharmacies are nationwide and are loved by users. Colomi has up to 51% colostrum (colostrum) imported from APS Group (USA) to help supplement immune antibodies, especially IgG and Lactoferrin antibodies. Immune antibodies are like "shields" that form a "protective wall" of the body, increasing resistance.

In addition, Colomi has other nutrients necessary for children's development and digestive system such as: fiber FOS & Inulin, Lysine, Zinc Gluconate... to help children eat well. This is also the advantage, gaining trust and attracting the choice of Vietnamese mothers. Besides, the new Colomi product is also supplemented with vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 increases absorption and strengthens resistance. Colomi is good for children who need to increase resistance, children who are weak, have anorexia, malabsorption, rickets, constipation... In addition, this product is suitable for all ages, especially people who are weak and have muscle weakness. can. Colomi's packaging has also been changed with a completely new label designed by French creative director Fabien Jacobs. Mr. Fabien Jacobs chose pink as the main color instead of the previous yellow.

"Hopefully, with innovation in both internal quality and external appearance, Colomi colostrum will bring an enjoyable experience and improve efficiency for customers," a representative of DETECH BIO Joint Stock Company shared. . Learn about Colomi colostrum at: https://colomi.com.vn/

Published at 26/09/2023
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